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Everest Powder

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What is Everest Powder?

Special Ingredients Everest Powder is a replacement for Titanium Dioxide. A natural white opacifier that can be used in virtually any pH system. It is designed to match the performance of Titanium Dioxide and address clean label issues. Easily dissolved, water dispersible, microfine grade powder. It can be used in a variety of applications such as dairy, confectionery, baking, icing, white chocolate, drinks and many more. Due to being a microfine powder it has a much-improved mouthfeel, better heat and acid stability than Titanium Dioxide. Everest Powder is Titanium Dioxide free and has no calories. It is preservative free and meets clean label needs.

Everest Powder Where To Buy

Buy Special Ingredients Eversest Powder, a Titanium Dioxide Replacement, direct online. Available in Everest Powder 100g, Everest Powder 250g, Everest Powder 500g, Everest Powder 5kg, Everest Powder 10kg, Everest Powder 25kg.

Everest Powder Recipes

Everest Powder, a novel culinary ingredient, is revered for its ability to create a frost-like appearance on food, adding a whimsical and visually stunning touch to dishes. It's particularly useful in dessert and pastry preparation, where an aesthetic of wintry frost can be magically conjured on the surface of cakes, chocolates, and confections. A delightful example of Everest Powder in action can be found in the Special Ingredients White Frosting Coating recipe. This recipe skillfully uses Everest Powder to achieve a beautiful, snowy coating on desserts, transforming ordinary sweets into enchanting, winter-themed delights. To dive into this creative and frosty culinary adventure, visit: White Frosting Coating Recipe.